Tokia is a short term welfare token program for undergraduates of NSASA.

We have a purse of N30,000 as short term welfare tokens from which students can confidentially and rapidly lend (1000 minimum, 2000 maximum) at stranded times for their welfare and pay back in or before a week.

With 1 week return, before the tokens get all lent out, previous beneficiaries would have reimbursed/paid back the program keeping the program running.

Endowment: N30,000

Loan Range: N1000-N2000

Maximum Loan Duration: 1 Week

Interests: 0%.

Process fee: 5% process fee to cover for printing and other costs incurred during loan process. For example N50 onN1000, N100 on N2000.

Eligibility: 100 level to 400 level students are eligible.

Steps to Obtain a Loan:

1. Students obtain an application form from the secretary or through any committee member.

2. Fill the form and submit with original course form.

3. Grant will be processed in 24 hours.


The Tokia secretary holds the forms, funds and records of the program. The secretary is responsible for the disbursement and recollection of the funds to and from the students. The secretary shall hold all records and give a monthly report of the program to the committee.

The committee shall be voluntary policy shapers for the program. Shy students can approach any of the committee members with whom they feel comfortable to help them with the loan application process.

Committee Members:

Omogbai Joy Rekiat, entrepreneur, 400L, Secretary.

George Adebayo, humanitarian and life coach, 400L, Member.

Ayobami Fiyinfoluwa, entrepreneur, 400L, Member.

Ajayi Dorcas, Assistant Class Governor, 400L, Member.

Hussein Taiwo, Welfare Director NSASA, 300L, Member.

Adebisi Suleiman Adewale, photographer, 300L, Member.

Badeji Mayowa Nifemi Israel, advocate, 400L, Member.

Owolabi Samuel, speaker and writer, 200L, Member



Stranded? Tokia would be glad to help! 08184423273 | 081687812198



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